Jewish Terms – 1


Alhamdulillah, praise be to Allah, and peace be upon our Prophet Muhammad .
Humans like to name something they know or achieve, or discover , and they think that by naming something, it will be enough to show some ‘ownership’ or rights of that thing.

But not all what they name is true…

This article is derived from a book written by Sheikh Essa Qodumi : Jewish Terms

The Correct Term: Islamic East
The Jewish Term: Middle East

The term ” Middle East ”  emerged  as  an essential introduction  to co-existence  with  Jews  and  to make  a room for the  Jewish Entity  in the Arab – Islamic  area. This would mean acknowledging and accepting Jewish Entity  as a member  in the body of  Arab countries  and Islamic  Nation  and as  a part of  that area as well , which gives  the Jews  several attributes  like neighborhood , unity and  taking part in decision making !!

The Correct Term: The Jewish Entity
The Jewish Term : The State of Israel

Calling the Jewish Entity  by the name ” State of Israel ”  is a sort of recognition  not only in    their  state and sovereignty  over the land of Palestine  but also in their claimed right of existence  on that occupied and extorted   land . It would further achieve the dreams of the Jews  in  calling the blessed  land of Palestine  “the State of Israel”. It would also act as a normalization of the Arab  – Moslem  citizen   in order that he accepts  the aggressor’s  Entity as a part  of the Arab  and Islamic  Area community and might lead to  considering it as  a state  with sovereignty , laws and respect .
Repeating the term ” State of Israel ‘ in the media aims at  making it a habit for  Arab – Islamic  mind    to accept  eliminating the name of  Palestine  and  to  take it  off  the map  of the world   which would result  in deep feelings of  despair and to accept  humiliation  and  giving in  and to accept  the   reality whatsoever  !!  even to accept  whatever it follows  of the rights and legitimacy of a state in terms of  procedures and practices .

The Correct Term: Surrendering
The Jewish Term : Normalization

In brief, normalization means:” changing the contingent behavior to a behavior  that looks  normal  thus becoming  an integral part  of man’s life . This means holding relationships that tend to be normal among people  to the extent  that  it becomes  ordinary in  mutual  acceptance  and dealing .

The Correct Term: Palestinian Rights
The Jewish Term: Palestinian Demands

The Jews as demands describe Palestinian rights. By using this term, they want to underestimate Palestinian rights and to have the Palestinians compromise their established rights. So, what is reasonable is turned by them into an unreasonable, postulates have become debatable and rights are subject to consideration.

The Correct Term: Palestinians of 1948 Territories
The Jewish Term: Arabs of Israel

The term Arabs of Israel is used to define the Arab Palestinians who stayed in the territories occupied by the Jews in 1948 . Defining them as such aims at eliminating the name of Palestine from the Zionist Jewish dictionary and substituting it by the term “Israel “. Moreover this expression is used to indicate that Arabs are a minority in the villages and cities of Palestine ,which fell under Jewish occupation in 1948. A further aim is to give the area the mark of Jewish structure which implies an attempt to suggest that Arab Palestinians  are a minority that lacks harmony  because Palestinian society  consists of a group of minorities  of different nationalities  and religions  and that they do not  have any common  loyalty  or target.

The Correct Term: The Land of Palestine
The Jewish Term  : The land of Promise

The Promised Land  or The Land Of Return(3)  or the Land Of Israel are  different Jewish names for thin which is the land of Palestine.

The correct term: Buraq wall
The Jewish Term: Wailing Wall

This wall is located at the south eastern part of the wall of blessed Farthest Mosque. Jews call it “Wailing Wall “because it is the remaining – as they claim – part of the alleged Temple .  Their rituals and prayers  are marked with  wailing  and  lamenting over  the alleged  glory.
Buraq wall is 50 meters long  and 20 meters  high . It is considered a part of  Islamic Waqf . It is an established  fact that Jews  had no connection whatsoever  to the wall  until the 16th century . Until 1519 they used  to assemble by the eastern wall of the farthest Mosque  near  ” Bawabat Al Rahmah ( Gate of Mercy) ” then suddenly they turned to the western wall !!

The Correct Term: Occupied Palestine
The Jewish Term: Judah, Samariah and  Galilie

Jews were very good at turning the distorted Torah and mythical Talmud into a book of geography and history  to establish  the biblical terms  and  expression in the minds  of Jews in order  to hold fast  to that land .so, they left no stone, plain ,valley  or grave  without giving  it a name  that not his real name  with the purpose of deluding the world  that those names  have a religious denotations in their distorted Torah.

The Correct Term :  Jewish Occupiers
The Jewish Term: Jewish Emigrants

Emigration (5) in its modern meaning  means  that someone emigrates  from his country  as a result of  certain circumstances  or for personal reasons  such as seeking a better life  and to improve his  position  . So, he takes his things and moves from a country to another after obtaining the necessary approval from the country of destination. In the modern times,  this should be done legally.

The Correct Term : Jews
The Jewish Term : Israelis

The term Israelis  has been used  to described the dispelled  Jews who came into Palestine after declaring the establishment of  a state they called Israel on 14 May1948 .Thus , Jews who live on the land of Palestine  had the name” Israeli  ” and acquired an ” Israeli ” nationality .The population on the extorted  Palestine land  was called ” Israelis ” .
The correct term that can  describe those extortioners is Jews  not Israelis for the following reasons:

to be continued..

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